2015-12-11  你适合什么职业   (队长:职导哥)  进入个人简历

1. Why - 让我们面对不确定(Uncertainty)的情境,用数据理解(Understanding) - 迭代(Iterative)

1.1 Thinks and Act Decisively

外交家 职导哥
Demanding and results-oriented roles need "go-getting" and driven people, who are ambitious and constantly stretch themselves to achieve goals. People who work hard, persist and push themselves to the limit are generally the top performers in any organisation. In addition to drive, thinking commercially is a key behaviour for generating new business and maximising revenues.
Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Sales Agents
- Stockbrokers
- Financial Officers
- Retail Buyers	
- Treasurers
- Bankers
- Any target/results orientated job

What Good Looks Like:
- Works energetically and enthusiastically and shows persistence.
- Acts on own initiative and seeks new challenges and demanding goals.
- Thinks commercially, prioritising financial considerations and actively seeking opportunities for new business.

1.2 Leverages Mastery

专业师 职导哥
名校学生 Specialist 没有区分度未列   

1.3 Innovates and Reapplies

点子王 职导哥
Creativity and imagination are crucial for tasks and roles that require producing something new and original. It is not only creativity that drives innovation, but also providing the right environment for new ideas to flourish. All areas of work have emerging knowledge or technology, and it is important to be open to these new ideas and be keen to learn. Concentrating on the big picture and thinking about the long term are also important for achieving ambitious, long term objectives.
Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Fashion Designers
- Product Designers
- Architects
- Choreographers
- Creative Writers	- Web Developers
- Biochemists
- Physicists
- Strategy Consultants

What Good Looks Like:
- Generates new ideas and readily considers new or unconventional approaches.
- Anticipates future trends and imagines future possibilities.
- Has a clear vision of long term goals and develops strategy to achieve them.

2.What - 让我们面对复杂易变(Complexity)的价值观,忠于(Clarity)理想 - 原型(prototype)

2.1 Builds Diverse Collaborative Relationships

协调者 职导哥
In order to win people round to a particular point of view, as in sales-related roles, it is important to make a good first impression, be confident, convincing and have good presentation skills. More broadly, to interact successfully with others and build productive relationships, one needs to be adaptable, take time to build and maintain people networks, and deal tactfully with any disagreements.

Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Sales Agents
- Marketing Managers
- Lawyers/Barristers
- Recruitment Consultants	
- Public Relations Managers
- Management Consultants
- Estate Agents

What Good Looks Like:
- Quickly establishes lasting and useful relationships with people.
- Successfully negotiates, mediates and persuades.
- Communicates and presents effectively, adapting style to suit the listener(s).

2.2 Leads

推进者 职导哥
These behaviours are important for roles of increased influence and responsibility, and mostly associated with leadership and management. People in such roles need to be prepared to make difficult decisions and take responsibility for them. When leading other people, it is important to attend to both task- and person- side of issues. The work of others has to be structured, organised and coordinated. At the same time, managers need to support personal development, reward good performance and motivate people to achieve work goals.
Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Managers/Supervisors
- Judges
- Company Directors	- Surgeons
- Politicians
- Military Officers

What Good Looks Like:
- Acts decisively and takes responsibility.
- Is prepared to make difficult decisions and take calculated risks.
- Empowers, develops and motivates others.
- Defines roles and responsibilities and coordinates others.
- Recognises and rewards good performance and builds effective teams.

2.3 Grows Capabilty

评价者 职导哥
These behaviours are important for roles requiring good analytical skills. When working with information or solving problems, it is important to evaluate and review critically and produce solutions that are rational, practical and based on evidence. Communicating information and ideas effectively in writing and sharing expertise with others is essential for knowledge to disseminate through an organisation.
Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Economists
- Physicists
- Political Analysts
- Engineers
- Statisticians	- Computer Scientists
- Actuaries
- IT Analysts
- Business Analysts

What Good Looks Like:
- Gathers information and evaluates it critically
- Makes rational judgements and produces solutions to problems.
- Writes in an engaging style and adapts writing style to suit the intended reader.
- Shares information and expertise with others.
- Actively seeks to develop job knowledge and skills and to learn about the organisation and its market.

3.How - 让我们面对模糊(Ambiguity)的步骤,敏捷(Agile)解决

3.1 In Touch

合作者 职导哥
Understanding other people, being tolerant and sensitive to their feelings, and treating them fairly and ethically are important behaviours when working in direct contact with other people, such as colleagues, clients or customers. When working as part of a team it is very important to support others and cooperate rather than compete.  Expressing sympathy and considering the emotional needs of others is a key aspect of this behaviour.
Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Nurses
- Counsellors
- General Practitioners
- Retail Assistants	- Customer Service Workers
- Any job that involves working closely with a team

What Good Looks Like:
- Puts the team first and offers support to other team members.
- Consults others and recognises their contributions.
- Understands other people, showing sympathy when necessary.
- Tolerates other people's views and needs.
- Acts ethically and treats people fairly.
- Provides service by responding to client needs, showing courtesy and dealing appropriately with dissatisfied customers.

3.2 Embraces Change

完善者 职导哥
Most organisations go through periods of change or high pressure and some jobs are likely to involve uncertain or stressful situations on a regular basis. Adjusting and not feeling threatened in unfamiliar environments requires flexibility and the acceptance of change as a normal part of life. Effectively coping with pressure, setbacks or criticism requires the ability to stay calm, view things positively and switch off from work when relaxing.
Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Police Detectives
- Umpires/Referees
- Mental Health Counsellors	- Sales Managers
- Fire Service Worker
- Expatriate Workers

What Good Looks Like:
- Adapts and responds well to change.
- Remains composed and effective in ambiguous or uncertain situations.
- Works productively under pressure and relaxes outside work.
- Keeps emotions under control and maintains a positive attitude despite setbacks.
- Uses criticism constructively and does not dwell on unfair criticism.

3.3 Operates Discipline

实干家 职导哥
All employers want people who are organised, conscientious, committed, follow rules and can be relied upon to work on a task independently. These qualities are particularly important for busy roles where accurate and reliable execution is the key. When planning and managing projects, or scheduling and organising events, it is important to prioritise, multitask and use time effectively. Delivering work of high quality requires commitment, effort and an eye for detail.
Example Roles where these behaviours are important:
- Auditors
- Computer Systems Administrators
- Project Managers
- Aviation Inspectors
- Accountants	- Personal Assistants
- Facilities Managers
- Health and Safety Inspectors
- Production Managers

What Good Looks Like:
- Works towards high standards and constantly monitors and improves own performance.
- Develops realistic and achievable plans breaking work down into manageable parts.
- Works systematically, setting objectives and prioritising effectively.
- Uses time efficiently and monitors progress against deadlines and milestones.
- Is committed to excellence and the organisation.
- Accepts direction and complies with rules.
- Is dependable and works well autonomously.



外交家 Resource Investigator

包容 Inclusiveness 积极 Positivity 搜集 Input


协调者 Coordinatot

取悦 Woo 完美 Maximize 别化 Individualization 伯乐 Developer


合作者 Team worker

体谅 Empathy 交往 Relator 和谐 Harmony 适应 Adaptability


点子王 Plant

发散 Intellection 理念 Ideation 分析 Analytical 沟通 Communicate


推进者 Shaper

行动 Activator 追求 Significance 竞争 Competition 统率 Command


实干家 Implementer

成就 Achiever 信仰 Belief 纪律 Discipline 集中 Focus


专业师 Specialist

学习 Learner 回顾 Context 自信 Self-Assurance 关联 Connectedness


评价者 Monitor Evaluator

公平 Fairness 前瞻 Futuristic 战略 Strategic 思辨 Intellection


完善者 Complete Finisher

统筹 Arranger 审慎 Deliberative 排难 Restorative